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Antique Hardwood Flooring is your one stop for custom and refinishing hardwood flooring.
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Welcome to Antique Hardwood Flooring

Keeping your floors beautiful!


The name offers nuances of classic, timeless, finely crafted wood floors and that’s exactly what Antique Hardwood Flooring offers their clients.  A true family business since 1988, Tony Da Rosa and his brothers, Renato and Luis are indeed real people, selling and creating really beautiful floors. Antique Hardwood Flooring is able to “customize” your dream floor – yes, unbelievably they encourage their clients to create and design a custom wood floor – with a large variety of exotic wood species, intricate patterns, borders, custom color stains or specially designed inlays.

Never compromising their standards – the customer is educated and honestly informed before selecting their final floor choices.  Clients are offered pre-finished or unfinished flooring – however unfinished is their specialty and favour it in the long run. Advantages are such that this flooring can be re-buffed and re-coated in the event of scratches and therefore easier maintenance down the road.  Antique Hardwood Flooring also retails all their fine wood products and holds an amazing record for service and after sales service.

Your imagination is our only limit!


Aligning themselves with the finest mill suppliers, the most exacting quality control measures are taken to supply the highest-grade quality of wood flooring and offering the finest value of wood and not necessarily at a high price point. This attention to detail in the selection of wood to the finest installation is first and foremost of importance at Antique Hardwood Flooring. Catering to custom builders, architects and also comfortable in the commercial sector, Antique Hardwood Flooring has designed and created floors of distinction for restaurants and shops – Club Monaco in Toronto – prestigious projects distinguished by the talents of very humble skilled hardwood flooring specialists. You’ll find them at Antique Hardwood Flooring.

Unique and custom solutions right for You

How to Decide Between Solid and Engineered Hardwood…

Choosing between solid and engineered hardwood can be difficult if they have not been properly explained.  A common misconception is that engineered hardwood is laminated and therefore is not real wood.  This is not true, both solid and engineered woods are 100% real wood.  The difference between the two is the construction.  However, there are pros and cons to both:

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Antique Hardwood Flooring builds long lasting relationships with their clients.


Guiding clients in the appropriate direction to ensure their floors will be long lasting.  Antique Hardwood Flooring provides detailed information to ensure customers are getting the right flooring for them!  They do not base their decisions on price point; they make great efforts to give their customers “Quality not Quantity”.  Their aim is to provide customers with flooring they will love for years, and product that will be easily maintained over time, “hardwood floors are a renewable product, and last for years in client’s homes, and are a perfect addition to a re-sell”.

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